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Hello everyone, I'm Master Eros.

Let's start with my alias and why I have chosen to be addressed as such for so many years.

I'll start with Eros and how that came to be.

Being someone who considers themselves an intellectual, I tend to read quite a bit. During my readings, two God's have stuck out to me over the years.

One of which was Succubus and the other, Eros.

Succubus is a female Demon from the folklore of medieval times, who would enter into the dreams of men, raping and tormenting them as they slept. Incredible, really.

The other, Eros, an ancient Greek God. He was the son of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. Eros was the God of love and desire... more specifically, The God of sexual desire. The word 'erotic' is quite literally derived from Eros.

Seemed fitting.

The other portion of my name is common among Dominants and that's to identify as a Master. As a Dominant, I identify this way for a couple of reasons.

First, I believe strongly that Dominance is a craft, one in which a Dominant should put a lot of focus into. In that focus, He should begin to master His craft. Now, although it's nearly impossible to master anything as there's always something new to learn, always growth and comprehension, a Dominant should reach a point where He has taken enough due diligence to be comfortable in identifying as such.

Secondly and probably most importantly, the simplest in which is due to the dynamic in which my Dominant & submissive relationships take, M/s otherwise known as Master & slave.

Thus, Master Eros was born.

A little more about Master Eros

I'm a 31-year-old entrepreneur who resides in Canada.

For the most part, as a working professional, I keep my lifestyle fairly private.

Although I have been dominant my entire life, I have been living as a lifestyle Dominant within the BDSM community for just over 7 years now.

I see my lifestyle like this; I am driven sexually in life, but it's not about having sex. It's about being true to who I am and who I am, fundamentally at my core, is not someone who's dominant but rather, a Dominant.

- Sir

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