Does Experience Matter? | BDSM FAQ

Something I encounter often is whether or not experience matters. Particularly in my case, does experience matter with relation to a submissive’s submission. However, the same could be asked about a Dominant and their experience with Domination. Today, I’m going to share my thoughts on the relevance of experience in relation to BDSM and D&s…

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What is a BDSM Relationship | FAQ

Curious individuals, in my particular case, submissives, often ask, “What is a BDSM relationship?”. It would be easy for me to say I’m almost always surprised by this question, but that could very well be due to the fact that I live the lifestyle. Regardless, there’s some validity to this question and it’s a good…

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Why Submit? | BDSM FAQ

As a lifestyle Dominant, the amount of times I am asked why submit or why should/do individuals submit is almost surreal but never the less, a very valid question. Every individual has their own reasoning for why they choose submission or to submit and those questions are best answered by a submissive – I am…

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