BDSM Talks | About | BDSMtalks | BDSMBDSMtalks was created by Master Eros for a number of reasons. Primarily, BDSMtalks was founded with the idea of providing information to the general public, as well as those who are new, curious and/or currently in a relationship that maintains a Dominant & submissive exchange – BDSM.

BDSMtalks is here for the purposes of information and education on all things related to the lifestyle. We hold an emphasis on what we believe to be a traditional D&s exchange and our focus will remain with that in mind.

There are many platforms such as social media and web services that allow individuals to join and further explore. However, many identify themselves to be ‘kink’ related or a “kink network”. We believe, this sometimes makes it difficult for individuals who want to stay true to BDSM to find the right information.

Naturally, these platforms can cause confusion as many things within the BDSM lifestyle can be construed as ‘kinky’. However, we believe, there is a difference between an individual who may be a “kinkster” and those who identify as either a Dominant or a submissive. BDSM is not kink and kink is not BDSM. Having that belief, we are committed to Dominance and submission.

BDSMtalks is committed to being more than a simple blog – we are a community. We are committed to being a community and because of that we invite all within the BDSM community – photographers, models and writers – to submit their work to us for an opportunity to be Feature on BDSMtalks.

Our vision is to become a community of like minded individuals who can share their thoughts, questions and experiences in keeping with the idea of a traditional exchange. Free from the advice of individuals who are ‘half foot in‘. We’d like to provide interviews from those within the community who are experts in their chosen craft ie; riggers, sadist, maso… as well as, individuals who are new to the lifestyle.

Hopefully, debunk some of the common misconceptions the general public has about the lifestyle along the way.

Whether you are involved in the community or not. Whether you identify as Dominant, submissive or other… We welcome you to BDSMtalks and hope you enjoy our content.

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